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#198080 Posted at 2017-09-23 16:48        
Hello there!

Another update is up, along with a hotfix already included in the main release(4.0.1)!
Also - again gonna sound like a super ultra broken record, but any chance for updating these things on the mod page? Thanks in advance. :)

- 1. DESCRIPTION section

- Add these new images (already resized of course!)

Also, the changelog, along with the hotfix entry:

VERSION 4.0.1 (23-09-2017)
HOTFIX: Fixed T-15's tracks animation going backwards.

VERSION 4.0 (23-09-2017)
- New uniforms in Hex, Urban Hex and Green Hex camo (CSAT).
- New MICH helmet in Hex, Urban Hex and Green Hex camo (CSAT).
- New Vests in green colour.
- New Light Ballistic Vest.
- New Helicopter pilot Helmet.
- New Jet pilot Helmet.
- Reworked Ballistic Vest model.
- Fixed Ballistic protection of vests and units themselves.

- New GAZ Tigr vehicle, replacing the temporary MRAP Karatel.
- New GAZ Tigr with a remote controlled Arbalet-DM tower and KORD MG.
- Minor Kamaz model reworks.
- Added Jets DLC radar capabilities to SA-22.
- Added new numbering system for heavy armoury.
- Replaced NSVT-M MG (T-14) with a KORD MG.
- Fixed Fire Geometry LODs for all vehicles. (which caused some trouble doing damage to them, because everything would just fly through it)
- Fixed rockets shooting only from one turret (T-15 and SA-22). Now rockets will launch from both.

- Ported SU-34 with new textures, which is replacing the temporary JAK-130. Jets DLC enhancements present.
- Jets DLC features and ability to choose weapons for pylons for every air-related vehicle.
- Minor KA-52 model edits.
- Added door animation to KA-52.
- Added numbering system.
- Fixed textures for KA-52.
- Fixed faulty cannon animation for KA-52. Now the weapon should look and behave correctly.

- New Anti-Air launcher 9K-333 Verba with 1PN-97 optics.
- New pylon of the 8V20 launcher and Vichr rockets for all air-related units.
- New Holo sight EoTech-553 for Spetsnaz units.
- New Laser sight Perst-1IK.
- New models for all rockets/projecticles for all mod-related launchers (9M-133, 9M-336, 57E6 etc.)
- New Laser-guided missile 9M-119 Refleks, which is used by the T-14.
- Fixed the 2A42 cannon, which now has two fire modes - Single shot and burst.
- Fixed penetration of 5,45x39 ammunition.
- Fixed the angling of GP-30 (AK-12GP) Grenade launcher.