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#198098 Posted at 2017-09-26 16:59        
Thank's again for the help. I gave it another try but sitll no go. Maybe I'm not getting something right. Like I mentioned above I want to get the Greyeagle drone to re-arm, re_fuel and repair. I start a sceannario in the editor and seend a drone over to a target. When in the mode that lets one select the place to send the drone (a map with the drone windows (Pilot and Gunner windows) on the left side we have the drone status window that lets one see the amount of fuel and weapons. When the fuel gets down to about 80% I send the drone to land back at the base where the re-fuel, re-arm and repair trigger is located. However, when the drone gets to the trigger nothing happens. i.e, no re-Fuel or re_arming. Question, do I have to do something else or what?