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Greeting, everyone.
I'm happy here to release my first offical mod of my ARMA3 unit, brought you by Reptile Assault Squad(RA), the Freedom Is A Lie MOD.
The mod is heavily related to a long term running PLA Special Force campaign running on our server, which the background is CPLASF fighting overseas (Mid-East, Africa, South Armerica etc). Due to the background of this campaign is overseas and the CPLASF would face a lot of variant enviroment different from what PLA would normal face in real life, when need weapons, gear, equipments and vehicles for such situation overseas, and that is why we made this mod.

The aim of the mod is to provide ARMA3 the gear and equipments CPLASF would use in overseas operations, based on both real life and some factional.

This MOD may running independent without the support of any other mods, but to acess to full functional of this mod, I recommend to have ACE3 and CBA installed with this mod.

Contents of this mod:

V 0.4.0(Oct 1st)

Add weapon:

Type 56 assult rifle(Chinese AK)

weapon details:
-with morden era customized parts
-2 version, one scope forward install, and one rear install
-can be attached the customized laser/flashligh attachment for CS/LS2 on side rail
-compatible with the AK mags from villian Arma3, NiArms, RHS and CUP(if you do not want use these ammo, you do not need to install these mods)



-兼容NiArms, RHS和CUP的AK弹匣如果不想用这些弹匣不需要安装这三个mod)

V 0.3.0(Spet 28th)

-CS/LS2 9mm SMG, this is not the QCW-05 issued to PLA, this is the export and police version.
-2 version of CS/LS2 9mm SMG, one scope forward install, and one rear install so it could fit in a customized laser/flashligh attachment
-9×19mm DAP92-9 chinese made armour-piercing round, Yes I mean it armour-piercing, magazines include of course
-one customized laser/flashligh attachment for scope rear install version
-when using CBA and ACE, this attachment can be swithed between flashlight, green visable laser and IR laser(by using ACE, Rshift+L and Rctrl + L is the keys to switch the functions)
-compatible with the MP5 and 9x19 mags from NiArms, RHS and CUP(if you do not want use these ammo, you do not need to install these mods)

-one PLA skin for KA-60

-China Flag patch, normal and low profile version

Coming soon:
-Chinese made Type 56 assult rifle(Chinese AK), with morden era customized version
-Type 56 Semi-automatic rifle(Chinese SKS, use as DMR), with morden era customized version
-one shotgun
-2 pistol
-a factional 2020 made assult rifle with attachments
-more patches
-maybe more

At last, thanks for anyone would subscribe my mod, and please report any bug and feedback, that would be a lot of help for us.


download here
CS/LS2 9mm SMG combat test video:

NOTE: all the uniforms, vest and headgears are not in this mod, they are only used for make screenshots, if you want them, go check VSM gears and CUP mod, and thanks for their great works so that I could make these screenshots!

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