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#198870 Posted at 2018-03-24 15:59        
Personally, I can't play without:
Enhanced Movement, allows you to vault and climb over things you cant in vanilla.
Advanced Urban Rappelling, allows you to rappel down from surfaces like rooftops and cliffs
ACE3, adds a whole new level of immersion with various things but mainly, the medical system
RHS, adds TONS of new weapons, uniforms, equipment and vehicles to the game.
JSRS, its a big mod but it adds CRAZY good quality audio changes that really change the feel of the game
Task Force Radio - if you plan on playing with friends, this is an awesome mod that adds realistic radios with 3d sound

And yes, for a majority of mods these days, you'll need CBA. Think if it like a framework these other mods use to do awesome things!

Enhanced Movement:
Advanced Urban Rappelling: