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#199207 Posted at 2018-05-20 20:32        
Hey guys,

I'm trying to script an AI Helicopter to move to waypoints activated by a trigger. The goal is to get my clanmates readied up and into the helicopter before i tell the AI to fly us to the set waypoint (via action menu).

What I've done so far:

//Set random variable to 0
missionNamespace setVariable ["Trigger_Con_1", 0, true];

init of the helicopter:
//Set trigger variable to 1 on action
this addaction ["Go!", {missionNamespace setVariable ["Trigger_Con_1", 1, true];}];

Placed a trigger close to waypoint:
Trigger Condition:
//Trigger_Con_1 > 0
missionNamespace getVariable ["Trigger_Con_1", 0] > 0

Then I connected the trigger to the "LAND" waypoint via right-click -> Connect -> Set Waypoint Activation

However, upon starting the mission, the helicopter takes off and starts flying towards the waypoint without me doing anything at all.
What am I missing here? Please help im about to go Hulk.

Thanks in advance.