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#199588 Posted at 2018-08-13 18:54        
Version 0.3 of the range is out.


Rifles are now included (three in total) and an assortment of scopes and muzzles. I have also added in a third shooting range that is a bit more open than the others. It doesn't use shoot houses but cones to mark the course. The sniper range is also up and running, although hitting some targets might be a challenge depending on which rifle you choose (there are no sniper rifles in the mod at the moment), however it is doable. The scoring system has also been changed. I have basically doubled the amounts given per hit. The previous version meant you would keep coming and going to the trader just to buy a couple of clips. Now you should have enough money after a range to gear up significantly better.

Future updates in order of priority:
The next update is going to use RHS's new 0.4.6 addons, so it may take some time while I implement their new gear in the trader.
Add more shooting ranges.
Add more rewards, maybe in the form of other safe houses, vehicles etc. Not sure how I'm going to implement this one, but I'll work something out.