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#199867 Posted at 2018-11-08 03:57        

Added - GUI for user handling of setting and detonating breaching charges.
Added - Doors will now lock when a charge is placed on them.
Changed - AddAction commands changed and/or removed in favour of GUI.
Changed - Detonating all breaching charges now handled in their own door/wall lists (i.e. all door charges & all wall charges, instead of all charges).
Changed - Multiple charges on the same wall/door will now detonate simultaneously when one of them is detonated.
Changed - Action menu command colour.
Changed - Damage from breaching charge explosion is now handled differently. No damage should be taken regardless of armour equipped or distance to the explosion (please let me know if this IS NOT the case).
Changed - The breaching player, plus any players in the breacher's group, now only need to be 2m away from the charge to avoid being knocked down.
Changed - Breaching charges set too far away from a door will still detonate when the nearest door to them is breached (be warned!).
Fixed - Rubble will be less likely to spawn above ground on slopped terrain (please let me know if this IS NOT the case, and if you can, exactly where it occurred so I can tighten up the maths).
Fixed - Damage blocking handling now works properly in MP.

OP has been changed slightly to reflect some new features/known bugs and the like. Videos have also been updated. New demo missions have been posted and support vanilla, RHS and CUP.

Please, any suggestions, adjustments or problems let me know. I've been testing this a lot, but I'm only one person (with a few helpers). It'd be nice to have some outside input *OK*