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#199995 Posted at 2018-12-21 02:50        
# jglvz256 : YW. I would certainly be interested in a better AI mod but where can I find this "Smart Mix" of which you speak? I thought I knew all the available mods. I notice the top two threads here atm are Arma2 threads - maybe if you get more people together they will give up on Arma3 and come back to Arma2. :D
Essentially, Chris B, who is a member of the KAI community, would test various AI addons together for the best results possible. As of right now, they use the legendary KAI mod (which is privately held):

Back on topic of this mix, this bundle works incredibly well and is some of the best AI in the series! Here are the results I got with it.

AI Garrison Building:

AI Conduct Bounding Overwatch:

AI Air Support:

AI Taking Cover (With 3rd Party Objects):

AI Engaged In Intense Firefight (With 3rd Party Objects):

The last one I'm about to mention is one of the more impressive ones. To sum up the event, which I really wish I had recorded from the beginning, I had engaged a Chinook with an MK19 but I continually missed. I fled to the nearest building for cover because it was viciously engaging me. Once I was inside the building, I again started firing some shots from my rifle, which caused the Chinook to turn around and fire at my position. Wanting to get out of this dangerous situation, I ran away from the scene when it was doing a lap to conduct another assault. Interestingly enough, even though I fled the area, it still thought I was inside those quarters:

At the moment, I haven't taken the time to record their flanking abilities, which are really good. You can find more info about this mix from the comment section of this specific video, where Chris outlines the steps:

P.S. If you use ACE, there is an easy workaround since that mod can impact the AI's abilities.

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