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#20652 Posted at 2008-04-08 05:49        
Use the search function.
This topic is for videos, not to ask questions how to make them so start your own topic.
Dont double post, edit your previous post instead.

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Nice movie Kenwort, was a pleasure watching :thumb

And here is the latest movie from trini scourge.

Red Dawn: Aftermath
    3 years after the events of Red Dawn, some semblance of peace is finally within reach. One man is the thread that holds it all together. Will he survive long enough to accomplish his dreams of world peace or will he be engulfed by another man's ambitions.
Quote trini scourge :
Hello again folks,
After scrapping the project twice I finally decided to finish it. This is a direct sequel to Red Dawn. I hope you all like it.


If you would like to read about the events that occurred between Red Dawn and Aftermath follow this link:
Red Dawn: Aftermath (Backstory and movie included)

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