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#21450 Posted at 2008-04-19 03:02        
Sorry about posting this here, but I believe it has to do with Rodders1974 question.

1) How do I set the knows about for an entire side (eg: West or East)? I want the trigger to be activated when anyone from a particular side (OPFOR, INDEPENDENT etc) (in the trigger area) knows about my presence. I tried the following, but it is set for enemy, not the side I wish:

Enemy knowsAbout player > 3

2) What does this 0 to 4 knowsabout scale actually means? BI forum only have some info about "magic numbers" and I can deduct that 0 means that the "enemy" knows less the "player", but what about setting it to three, two etc?

3) How do I make a trigger activate a radio channel? I want a "unit" to use the radio channel, but I was unable to find any scrip like "activate radio channel bravo" (probably because it is not particularly useful)?