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#29934 Posted at 2008-08-04 02:19        
The delay has been associated with my work requiring my full time (anyone who's worked through "Crunch Mode" during game development will know the hell I have been through), and drama's with upgrading my gaming group (USEC's) internal mods, and the ongoing problem of not being able to binarize the file (causing massive lag when introduced into game). I have now fixed this, and the file can be binarized.

I can confirm that over the weekend we tested the C130 extensively and it was working much better. I'm now doing to import the C130 into Mudbox and work on a high resolution mesh so I can get the textures much better.

It's ready for an Alpha release as is, but its highly customized for USEC and our own internal map system called "USEC Revolution" (inspired by the Evolution series). I have contemplated releasing the whole Revolution system but it is very complicated and not well documented, new members have to be trained how to operate in it, so I fear releasing it would be more effort than is worth it.

Once I have a few issues sorted I will release it as an alpha, and work on getting the F117 up to Beta.