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#31294 Posted at 2008-08-19 05:01        
I'm developing two versions:

1. Cargo version. This features the rudimentary cargo drop system utilized by USEC during its online operations for the last six months. I will be editing it slightly to make use of some functions that will expand how this works with the advent of patch 1.14. This allows the loading and dropping of vehicles. You drive the vehicle onto the aircraft, an option appears saying "load aircraft" and the vehicle disappears and a crate appears in the aircraft. You can load two vehicles onto the aircraft, with two large crates in the back indicating the aircraft is full. When flying, opening the cargo ramp opens it to the drop position, and when it is open those in the aircraft can drop the cargo. Deploying the cargo creates a crate with a parachute, and when this hits the ground, the vehicle appears at this point.

2. Passenger version. Self explanatory. Will contain seats for passengers.

As I've stated, I will be not attempting to do anything else with the C130. My intention is to get it done, get it out, and move onto my other projects. I will revisit the C130 within six months based on feedback, then again when ArmA 2 is released.