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#32567 Posted at 2008-08-30 20:05        
Back when I first started learning about modeling and config for ArmA I started by playing around with the models released by B.I. This was one of the first things I created using the hotel and a little snip and chop. Recently I add a helipad to the top. Several of my friends said I should release it, so here it is.



place the tallbuilding.pbo and the tallbuilding.pbo.citylife.bisign in your arma/addons folder, it is recommended that you make a mod folder for this and other non-official addons as some servers require that your arma/addons folder be clean.

Where to find in editor:

the building part will show up in empty>tallbuilding


to use the tallbuilding, you must stack the icons in editor.
ex: place the tallbuilding-base on map then place tallbuilding-1, then move it directly over the icon from the tallbuilding-base, when you see the name change from tallbuilding-1 to tallbuilding-base let it go, it is now place correctly for stacking. repeat for each piece.
There is very few place on any of the bi maps that have large enough flat spaces for a building of this size, so instead of 4 land contacts there is only 1. This may cause some of the base to be embedded in the terrain. to fix this use:
this setpos [ getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, *]
in the init field of the object, where the * is replace with a number, ex: this setpos [ getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, 5]
you will need to play with the number til the object is at the height you require. You will have to do this for each tallbuilding piece. Depending on the height you end up with place other objects to keep players from under the building such as walls,sand bags, etc. you may need to add stairs to the outside as well so people can get into building.

Known issues:

no shadow for the helipad at this time
some hang up on stairs to helipad, it is useable bu you may hesitate a bit going up and down.

other notes:
this building is between 14-16 floors including helopad.
all the ladders work on all floors.

Usual liscencing, disclaimers etc apply.
This 7z has been scanned by my software and found to be virus free, it is recommended that you scan it as well.

I would like to see any missions made with this, so let me know :)

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