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#34581 Posted at 2008-09-23 18:28        
My newest test is done for Sakka Al Jawf, only error that is no biggie at all it just tells me that I forgot the ";" at the end of an Exec command I'll fix it later, Just go to the file front link and when you play notice all the cool things A.I. will do. The A.I. Perfectly uses the choppers like there supposed too, and for those who like constant action and big battles, well this is sort of for you...

This is basicly the Wafare 1.1 version of Sakaka Al Jawf with extra A.I. stuff unlocked. An Content from Queen's Gambit thrown in. Although the 6G30 works I don't know how to add the ammo for it in the ammo list...

UPDATE (1/28/2010): This is really old and was just a test gamemode but here it is

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