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[size=2]Brazilian Army Mod[/size]

Mod Info:
Dragon44 has informed the community about a new project for Armed Assault in the BI forums.

Quote Dragon44 :
Hi I am Dragon44 member of the dedicated brazilian community to the games Armed Assault and Operation Flashpoint and we are since the brazilian OFP developing addons for these games. In the brazilian community we are with diverse projects in progress, are they:
    Amazon Crisis - It consists of a fictitious war that involves diverse countries of Latin America, in the side of the allies the main countries are: Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia, of the side of the enemies are Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay. It is a war of great dimensions and that it goes to provide good combats in the game
    FEB 1944 - This is a project based on real facts, and as the proper name suggests it occurs during World War II and shows the trajectory of the pertaining brazilian soldiers to the FEB and 1GAvCa that they had fought in the north of Italy during the war. We also intend to create a map of the north of Italy based on satellite images, with certainty goes to be a great project.

    The elite of the Troop - This project takes for the game the brazilian police forces, as they must know some regions of Brazil are violent and to fight this we need police forces prepared well to the point to face an urban war, and is these forces of the elite of polices that we intend to lead for the game

    MINUSTAH - Plus a based brazilian project in real facts and that they are in progress in the country Haiti, it consists of a peace mission (UN) that it intends to stabilize and to help in the reconstruction of Haiti, but the military find the opposition of groups armed and made use there to banish the military from the country and to take the power.
    Note: weapons of the VilasPack

    They are these projects that we are developing for the ArmA and we intend takes them for the ArmAII future. Some addons already are in course, I leave clearly that the great majority of addons is reedited, and for this we count on the contribution and permission of the real authors who logically we ask for the due authorization and we leave clearly the real credits.

    Two authors who already in had given permission to them to use of base its addons are the Murat of the TurkishMod to use of base TUCommandos soldiers and the Arremba_San_Zorzo that the development of the AAV-7 of the OFP for the Weapon allowed. Soon I bring more new features and launchings of these projects, I wait to count on the support of the international community and to allow that all know more here a little of the culture and the Armed Forces of Latin America
- BI forums

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