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#39577 Posted at 2008-11-25 18:33        
Hi guys, first of alll thank you for taking youre time to help!

Now myproblem is i am a complete fool with this kind of stuff, i have went through all the topics and even read through an editing guide twice, but nothing really makes sense to me, i keep figuring stuff out by took me 2 months to figure out how to get a vehicle(air/land) to pick up guys and drop them took me almost 3 weeks to figure out how to get a medevac mod working, i was looking for the option of throwing green smoke in the waypoints, when i realised its an inventory item while playing the took me 1.5 days to figure out how to get a mod to work!!! and it took 1 month to figure out how to make mod folders...and to this day, the only script i can use is '' removeallweapons this '', the rest look like the matrix to me...i really just need to have things broken down to step by step for me or atleast someone to guide me into doing things through msn as i use the editor or something...when i read the tutorials and posts, even the complete noob, ones i get lost, it seems that everything is being explained to someone with knowlegde in this area, i only played 2 missions in flashpoint before i was shipped out...i really need you guys who understand this game to help me...

cheers G3-Nut