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#39580 Posted at 2008-11-25 19:25        
It's a long time ago since i got my copy of OFP (cant remember how many years), start creating my own missions and i'm still a begginer... There are a lot of things that i dont understand but, on the other hand, i see all i have learned and things that now i know how to do but months ago never though i could reach to understand. How i continue learning?
It's incredible how many things you can learn watching other missions. You have to unpbo other missions and look how the author did it: slowly, trying to understand and looking the comref to understand the meaning of all commands he used. You have to start with simple missions, for example "MP04-Clean Sweep" that comes with ArmA and you have in "c:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\MPmissions" folder. Once you have unpbo this, put the new folder with the same name in "MyDocuments\Arma Other Profiles\your user name\missions" and now you can load this mission on the editor.
Hope you well.

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