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#39635 Posted at 2008-11-26 10:37        
I have edited my first post cause there was an error, now fixed. You can click on red words, these words are linked to usefull resources.
If you click on unpbo you can download a little program: download it, execute it, open the pbo file of "MP04CleanSweep" mission as i explained in my first post, extract this ant put where i said in my first post. Then open Arma, go to the editor, load this mission and look/learn, searching all commands used at linked "comref" red-word in my first post. Repeat with other single or MP missions.
The code DeadEyes gived to you is correct and should work, but dont get stucked with it. Advance in other ways and you alone will find what you are doing wrong. Trust me.
Good luck.