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#41631 Posted at 2008-12-25 20:55        
Wow. Truly amazing mod. I have been playing with SLX, XAM, and ECS ever since they were made somewhat compatible with eachother and even that doesn't amount to the experience received when using ACE. All the features included in this are pretty much many of the best features that made up each of the forementioned mods, with plenty more modules ontop of all that. I have been experimenting with using ACE with some of the other mods, due to some little features that I still miss that weren't included (such as the awesome environmental effects of XAM, mainly the aircraft sounds, and the radio voices and enhanced environments of ECS). Well, without much effort, ECS seems to run perfectly with ACE, haven't encountered any problems so far and SLX is kinda pointless to try and use as most of it is already present, although I would like to find a way to add back some of the animations that were included with SLX (the slow-walking/fast-walking and safety gun while crouching/crouch walking). Finally, there's XAM, which for the most part works fine with ACE, except the fact that it overrides the 3rd Person View set by ACE, giving an extremely close view much like the 'Gears of War' view. So I played with the XAM mod folder, removing unneeded addons and found a solution to maintaining ACE view settings, as well as general, and running XAM with the ability of having the environmental effects and audio noise for aircraft. For anyone that may be interested in doing the same as I have done, just post back and let me know.

Once again, thanks for the great mod, and I can't wait for the full missions are already underway.

UnderSiege Productionz