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#41875 Posted at 2008-12-29 08:23        
I love it its probably the best Ive seen. few bugs her and their like the animation of the men when they lay and turn and look like 2 different people.... but aside from that it truly is the best mod thus far of all the great mods for Arma. oh rofl Im sure im missing something bit cant seem to run it with coopessentials to well. havnt tried dac yet. Anyway lol its big to ask i know but anyway we can get the class names. lol thanks ACE Team trully awesome :thumb

P.S. for some reason I cant get into the other forums So if its ok may a name a bug lol. The sig9 gun for redfor after they run outa rounds I cant seem to kill them lol. Now earlier my tanks did, but not with my rifle. and this was point blank at the same time lol. and some of the figures have no blood affectssss. and yettttt this is still the greatest mod imo ever!!!!!! lol rofl Im totally geeking out I know lol

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