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#42263 Posted at 2009-01-02 11:06        
@Lightspeed: Simply run the installer, check if he correctly finds the original location of where your ArmA is installed (normally it finds it correctly, but never know). Continue the installer and afaik it will automaticly create 2 desktop links or shortcuts. One for the 1.14 arma and one for the latest 1.15 beta patch. Use the one that fits your current pathed arma.
At load you will know if arma use ACE mod if you have a different loadscreen (no background movie + current ACE version text etc...).
Note that you can add more addons, mods in the shortcut line by adding ;yourmodfolder;yourothermodfolder etc etc...but be aware it can cause problems, especially with full mods. Also best to check if you don't run the same addons in other folders...(like matts efx mod etc).

As for the editor, if ACE is loaded, you should see all the ACE contence. Most features will run without the need of adding codes, like the sounds, imporved effects, medic stuff...

@deadeye1: The sounds are pretty good imho, but sounds are and always be a personal feeling. You like them or you don't.
In the BIS ACE forum you can find some more info about sound related question, as may already ask for this. In short, most sounds are replaced, those that aren't replaced are kept stock. There is a code you can alter, but like said, quick check the ACE topic on BIS and you will find some better info.
Not sure if the XAM question was answered there aswell. Fact is, XAM is a full 'replacement' mod so you need to watch out with that as mixing two mods is asking for conflicts.