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#42280 Posted at 2009-01-02 13:26        
DaSquade : @nightfox: You mean stock ArmA units or 3th party unit addons? If it is the last, you might want to check if your mod folder with those addons is actually loaded. Also, it might help if you can sort of list what you are case they might conflict.

3rd party units. I figured I should have made a list, here's a few units off the top of my head:

2003 style US. Marines
Short Grey & Orange Aliens by colonel well
SWAT Units by Dren
Police Units by SWAT-GUY
Aliens by Ryan_D (the vehicles show up, but not the units)

A bunch more, I can go into the game if needed.

They all work, if I use the SLX mod instead of A.C.E. for example, they're listed in the editor.