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#43969 Posted at 2009-01-20 00:33        
I looked on Bi forums and the ACE home site and couldnt find anyone else with my problem. When the AI shoot grenades the explosion effect is the same as vanilla arma. I tried to delete the MATH effects pbo. file and use my own MATH effects and it didnt change anything....... Just started having this problem after I got the 1.01 patch. Anybody have any ideas?

I went back and checked again, and its only the grenades. Thrown or shot. I also tried different maps and get the same result. One more thing, when vehicles are destroyed they don't burn... It seems to be just ACE vehicles though. The AA missles don't use the mando effects unless it's with ACE aircraft (I believe the explosion effect worked correctly in 1.0 though, so I hope someone else has the same problems as I do...)

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