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#44965 Posted at 2009-02-03 06:12        
I'm using the 1.01 Public Beta of the ACE mod. The installation succeeded and I can use the ACE mod in both single-player and online multiplayer mode. Two missions, however, are not running. Both are new (each less than a month old, I believe) and both use the Avgani mod as well as the ACE mod. Whenever I try loading the missions, I receive the following message:

"You cannot play this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. ACE_Cargo"

I doubt that the problem is the combination of mods since I can play another mission that uses both mods. I've tried changing the order of the mods in the load command by using this...

"arma.exe -nosplash -mod=@Avgani -mod=@ACE" well as this...

"arma.exe -nosplash -mod=@ACE -mod=@Avgani"

Unfortunately, that didn't resolve the issue. I'm wondering if the mission creators used an earlier version of the ACE mod and later changes in the 1.01 version are causing the problems. Just for the record, I've searched my ArmA directory and there are no files/folders with the word "cargo" in the name...not sure if there should be but I figured I'd mention it in case it's relevant.

In any event, is anyone else having this problem? Is there a solution? Any and all constructive suggestions are welcome. Thanks!