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#44990 Posted at 2009-02-03 17:57        
@Shrek: I only tried the ACE mod within the last week or so. As a result, I used the complete installation package and the file size is correct.

Just to make sure, I uninstalled ACE and performed a fresh install....again, no luck.

@dcb: as I said in my original post, the installation succeeded and I can use the ACE mod in both single-player and online multiplayer mode. However, my ArmA directory does not contain any files with "cargo" in the name. When I check the mission's pbo file, I note the following entry...


I can find pbo files for most of the other addons...a few aren't exact, though. For example, there's no "cabuildings.pbo" file but there is a massive "CA.pbo" file so perhaps that encompasses the cabuildings, cadata, camisc, caweapons and cawheeled entries...?

Do *you* see any files with cargo in the name under your ArmA directory?

Thanks again!