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#44991 Posted at 2009-02-03 18:22        
After digging through the pbo file, I've started to get a better idea of how the code works. I then checked the ACE mod team's changelog page and found the following under the 1.01 version's CHANGED category...

Removed ace_sys_cargo (Can use RKSL Cargo System etc) and ace_sys_respawn (belongs with missions) [Sickboy]

This seems to suggest that I might be correct in thinking that the mission creators used an earlier version of the ACE mod and later changes in the 1.01 version are causing the problems. If that's indeed the case, then it looks like the mission must be modified to use the RKSL Cargo System in place of the apparently defunct ACE Cargo System. In light of the fact that I know jack about ArmA mission editing, it would appear that I cannot play these missions...@#*(@&!!!


Oh, well...thanks for the help. I do appreciate it!