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#48912 Posted at 2009-03-24 06:27        
W0lle : Neither the thread title nor the post makes much sense to me. The lols and stuff doesn't makes it easier. You want professional help, then make professional posts.

Bases over Sahrani eh? Sounds familiar.

No offence but you don't just re-release something others already did? :satisfied
You wouldn't be the first.

First of all, its not in no way something else others did! i worked very hard, and for a long time to create in my own mind how i think the base's on the island of Sahrani should look like! and i built an off shore dock that's off the coast of northen south Sahrani, for know reason other then to provide an naval base/port to back up a proper naval group, and to accommodate @Gnats new Ship's and WIP Sub's amd large naval craft! all that plus much more is made ONLY by me! and what, just because some one else built something similar before, i can't make my own? its not a copy right. And everything is my own idea and my own work! Nor did i do it because other's had done similar! I only said "something" like "Base's Over Sahrani" only to give a clear and more better picture of what im explaining! and how does the thread title not make sense. it says "i need help" because well... i need help! and with the "lol", you need too relax a little bit, i could understand being professional, but if your not going to help me or give me any useful information then dont bother writing anything!;) im not trying to start anything. i was just explaining my self! Now bact on topic:

once agian for any one who does not understand my post! i made my own template filled with base's i had built. when i made the template i was not useing any Addons or mod foldiers. then i started Arma, but with the wrong desk top icon(it started arma with a mod) not knowing a had clicked the wrong icon. in that mod there was an addon called tr_obj from the total conflict mod! after i relized in the mission editor it was the wrong one i exited out of the game. then restarted Arma with no Addons. i could not view or edit my template. the message said that i could not load mission, it needed a deleted file called "tr_obj"! i have tryed to delete object that i thought could be the problem. but nothing fixed the problem! is there a way to open up the mission file to find and delete anything related to the addon tr_obj! if at all possible? that should clear it up!

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