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#50862 Posted at 2009-04-14 21:31        
Currently I'm working on a specific mission and there's a few problems/questions I have that I was hoping people could help me with. I've searched the forums quite a bit already (and have had most of my questions answered) but there's still a few that I have not been able to find yet.

(BTW I'm using ACEmod and most of the units in the mission are from it)

First off in the mission there's a squad that i need holding a specific area of roughly 15 meters or so. The problem is that the soldiers keep deciding to run off, even when the waypoints say "hold" and simply "open fire" rather than "open fire, engage at will". To combat this I've used the "this disableAI 'move'" script and it works, but the problem is that when I get there the soldiers are supposed to join me, and after they do they still can't move. So I was hoping there was a way to fix this.

Secondly is the common problem that as I move through as the squad leader the members of my squad don't seem to be able to stay in formation, and before long I notice a couple of guys 150 meters away literally running in the opposite direction. I have to tell all of my troops where to go manually and even then it sometimes doesn't work or takes forever. So any hints on how to help this?

Thirdly how do you set a unit to be wounded at te start of a mission? I know how to do the 'setdamage 0.8' thing and all of that, but I was hoping to set a unit as being in the wounded mode, where you have to drag them and all and they can still be revived. So far I haven't found anything for this.

Lastly (at least for now) I've been trying to get a smoke to deploy at a certain spot. I've entered the script
Smoke="GreenSmokeShell" createVehicle [(getPos this select 0),(getPos this select 1), 0.5]
in the "On Act." line for a trigger where I want the smoke to deploy, but obviously it isn't working, and I'm not sure why. I think it has something to do wit where I'm telling it to deploy, but I don't know how to work locations and all. So any tips?

Thanks, and any help is appreciated.