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Mission: HostageSituation-Tatawin_V1.1

This is another tactical pvp (or TvT), with no respawn, taking place in Tatawin. As Americans you must find the hostages and take them to the safe zone, or kill all the terrorists. As terrorists, you must kill all the Americans. As terrorists, you have 4min to spawn the hostages anywhere you want in the giant red circle covering most of the Tatawin-les-bains city. You cannot spawn them in houses, as thats too exploitable. Non-map surfaces are considered houses also. (makes sure that point gets across)

- 3 Hostages to be rescued by Americans.
- Must be first terrorist leader to spawn the hostages.
- Americans Vs Terrorists.
- Freedom to spawn hostages where ever you want in giant red circle.
- 4min to spawn hostages as terrorists, or Americans instantly win.
- Tactical, no respawn
- Ment to be played multiple times in a row, much like counter strike.
- 15 vs 15
- If the hostages die, BOTH sides lose ending will appear when one side dies.

Hostage Situation: Tatawin - (15 vs 15) (@)

Tatawin Island

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