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#53251 Posted at 2009-05-20 16:34        
UK-Playr : Yeah, I cannot wait for the Wasp class carriers to be finished. But, I don't really understand, they are making the wasp class from scratch? If that is so, why didn't they try to port the LHD released in OFP over to Arma? I don't know If that is possible but that would make sense to me. Here is the LHD for OFP:;41714

they could had asked philcommando if they could port and midify it.

Anyhow, there dosen't seem to be any sign of any real "Ships" in ArmA 2 either. I hope, if they don't put it into the first release, they will do an expansion pack like they did with Queens Gambit but better, or maybe a patch with the USS Wasp or Tarawa incl.


that would be a great idea..if someone could port it! with permissions though!

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