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#53375 Posted at 2009-05-22 09:53        

joined this forum only to point out this one issue (hopefully more will come to make up for the time needed to register here ^^):

So, being in the middle of a covert ops mission with my biddies right in the lion's den, some of my team members decides out of boredom to go postal and wreck havoc, totally fricken comprimising my mission!!! Old story, but how comes that my comrades dont wanna accept the "hold fire" command i have given them. Is this AI behaviour linked somehow to other commands which probably have higher priotities??? I could be more precise but i am playing the game i german so i have no game specific terms at hand...

Throughout the mission they follow my "hold fire" command but for some reason they start to neglect it. For example, after i order one mate to plant a charge i am not able to get him back into the "hold fire" mode. The "hold fire" symbol below in the screen where the mates are listed does flicker for one fraction of a second and thats it, it just wont work anymore, mates going frenzy and shooting every to legged targed they can spot :( *WTF* ....only to complain a short time later that they are low on ammo, funny dudes...

So, do i have to consider some special command arrangements in order to keep the "hold fire" status for my mates or is this order totally independent from other commands and it is just a damn bug ???

Furthermore, whats the best way to proceed when i want two or more targets wiped out at the same time?

My standard prodecere:

1) my team in silent mode (you know, the very first in the list of command options, in german its called "Camoflauge-mode", sense-wise) + "hold fire" order

2) selecting mate 1 and giving him target 1 by right clicking on it, and so on with the other mates only with other targets selected

3) selecting all mates that have their target, going to command tree, and choosing either "fire" or "open fire" (what difference does it make, anyway???)

And here begins the problem: After all the targets are eliminated silently (suppressors ftw), my mates start to shoot at other targets that have been spotted before although i have not given them the command to shoot them. I know, they were cleared to fire but is there a possibility to let them only attack the targets i have given them beforehand, ignoring all the other tangos?

OK, i really hope someone can give me an advice on this one cause when i have a team that ignores "hold fire", covert ops are rendered pointless...

And what's the difference between "fire" and "open fire", havent figured it out yet, and which one is to prefer for the procedere described above?

Oh, and kudos for such a nice site, with ArmA II and OPF2 comming, hopefully it will stay that way ;)