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#54014 Posted at 2009-05-29 07:08        
Post here any Arma 2 video's which you made or did find on the net.

To embed youtube videos and other videos we isolate the video ID from the link.


From this link:

We take out the S1FXGfXyBmU.

We then use it with the youtube code we have here
[youtube= ]
and insert it like this
We can then center the video to make the post look 'nicer' if you desire like this:

Ok, I start

MadDogX released a short Ama2 ingame video of the UH1Y flying around and the Carrier, which is located off the coast of Utes.

Kirq posted he found what seems to be the first MP video of Arma 2 by Morpheus600 on Youtube!

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