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#54941 Posted at 2009-06-07 10:34        
'Hi' Heatseeker, nice you are still around (noticed Junker is also still around on the BIS forums).

I had just wrote a review, but i was timed-out and lost it. Ohwell....
Lets just say, i give it a 6-7/10. 5 point for the new stuff....and 1-2 for the fact i feel it hasn't changed that much compaired to previous engines and knowing what it is realy capable of (but that is an other story).
But offcourse i'm a bit biased (lol...if i spelled that word correct it has bia in it :p) and i look at the game from a modelers point of view.

Hm, there seams to be indeed something wrong if you mention the reviewed 505 version ran very good (even with a 8800GTX?) and if you compair it with the current build. Afaik the current build should be the same if not better then the 505 review one.

Somehow i think BIS should of picked an other map. We all know that dense forrest and grass equals lower performence. I'm sure the engine is better then when we would have this map in arma1. But still, i think on that part BIS overdone itself. Imho they had better invested in something else, like in elements that add more gameplay/features witch will result in long lifetime of the game itself.