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#54995 Posted at 2009-06-07 16:28        
Hey there DS.
The direction BIS took seems more of a high end graphics simulator than anything else, maybe the competition with Dragon Rising made them go over the top, if the game doesnt scale down very well chances are it will be like Crysis and sell poorly.
Core gameplay and simulation seems about the same to me (a.i. tactics, vehicles, weapon systems, etc).

I noticed some nice little details that i like, like vehicle windows now take independant damage, finally!
The environment and arsenal look like a big improvement over Arma and i like forests/woodland landscapes of Chernarus.

In terms of design Arma II looks like an improvement over Arma, the Sahrani conflict was just awfull but down to its bare bones its the same game with a few improvements, new setting and a facelift.

Im mostly concerned about the performance, all footage on YT shows me bad frame rates, stuttering and texture/lod issues even on good rigs, not a good sign.

That performance boost is most likely due to the fact that his rig (as sweet as it is) only has 2 GB of ram, wich might cut it for XP but wont do for Vista no way.. i know this because i upgraded to Vista a while ago and the first thing i realised was that all the new games i tried would stutter like mad, with 3 GB of ram my PC is performing just how it performed with XP with 2, maybe even a bit better in some cases ;) .
Vista is not all that bad it just needs 3 GB of ram to game with. Some ram intensive games seem to perform better in Vista, like the stalker games, i also believe Vista has better compatbility with new HW, like quad cpu's, etc.