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#55145 Posted at 2009-06-09 10:43        
mcmonkey_mac : In ACE mod today, I noticed how bad parts of the ACE mod are.
What I mean is about the ACE 1.09 aircraft:system activation. I like to play the tutorial for fun and stuff.
I also sick of waiting 18 seconds to start my rotors or engines.
Is there a way to disable that?

ACE is not perfect, but it is an honest attempt to add more reality to ArmA - I'm sorry that bothers you. 18 seconds
is actually very short compared to a typical pre-flight procedure for any aircraft more sophisticated than a hang-glider.

There are a number of documented switches for various features in ACE, though I doubt the devs are going to take kindly to generically bashing them while demanding something like this. If 18 seconds bothers you that much it might be better to either not use ACE for those missions or switch to a less realistic gun-and-run game like Battlefield: Heroes.

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