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#55222 Posted at 2009-06-10 07:54        
Here is a small cargoscript I made last evening. It adds actions to an C130 that allow you to load vehicles in the cargospace, fly around and drop or unload them again.
Put this in your c130 init or use it somewhere else.:
[this] execVM "c130cargo.sqf";

- loading/unloading of all landvehicles and boats in c130 cargo, limited only by their dimension
- animated ramps (they open before loading/unloading and close afterwards
- unload in midair and your cargo gets drop with a parachute
- passengers of a vehicle in cargo are moved on a c130 seat when they leave their vehicle while in cargospace (noone will accidently fall out of the plane ;P)
- the vehicle you want to load has to be placed near the ramp

I've not tested this in multiplayer yet and it may need some adjustments for this use. Singleplayer should be fine though.

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There are a lot of very capable people on this forum, willing to spend some of their time to help you out. So if you have a problem, it surely isn't too much to ask that you atleast take the time to describe it properly. Thanks.