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#55318 Posted at 2009-06-11 08:06        
vikk : will i be okay?

Dell XPS 420
9800 GT

You should be, considering my specs which are quite similar. Your quad could be faster but should be OK, my "dual only" 3.0 GHz is working acceptably. 18 months ago I actually decided to go with a faster dual (rather than quad) when ordering from Dell, just because ArmA1 wasn't using multi cores. Guess now we will see what's best for ArmAII :)

I would say: don't expect stunning performance (in this early version), but it will be playable.


Have seen many posts on BI forum showing that XP is much better vs Vista when it comes to running ArmAII. FPS sometimes almost doubling...

Can you have TWO parallel operating systems on your PC to bypass the (obviously insanely) resource consuming Vista?
Is it complicated to do?
Any other Vista tricks that might help?

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