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#55898 Posted at 2009-06-18 03:29        
Tajin : No worries, the above one is a working version. I'll update it again once I get home, because I want the script to use 1 file only instead of two. That doesn't change its functionality though.

Plus I'll have to do some multiplayer testing with this, which is going to be a bit tough since Arma2 wont let me join any servers. ;/

I was wondering if you could walk me through on how you created this script. I'm extremely new to scripting and would like to create a script much like this one just to help me learn. For instance, being able to attach a car to make it seem like a tow truck, even though it won't be anyway near how a tow truck works.

And keep in mind that if you do decide to help, that you're talking to someone who has never touched C++ programing in their life.