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#55996 Posted at 2009-06-19 11:44        
Can we make a list of Arma1 addons that work with Arma2 here?

I'm sure a lot of people have had time testing with the German version to get some sort of idea of what addons work WITHOUT MODIFICATION, in Arma2

For people like me who have little to no idea how to convert things themselves.

up-armoured Hummers: (A few errors on loading, but they do work!)

Kingtiger Tank:

M60 Tank:

P71 and P72 Police Interceptors (I personally can't seem to enter them, but they can be used.)

The Hughes 300c and Bell206 JetRanger work, but the 300c has missing textures.

The sigma wheeled pack all are graphically fine. However, the driving position is all wrong.

The Skoda Felicia pack works, but I only tested the sports version.

GAZ Tigr also works.

The Piper Warrior had some minor shadow issue when I tested it, but apart from that seems ok.

Please note: Unless stated, I personally have not checked the level of use and compatability.
Please add any you discover! (Any chance of a sticky?)

More links on the BI forums as well:

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