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#56136 Posted at 2009-06-20 19:48        
ahh.. the 1st real issue with A2... and the lost key.

because GUI interfaces are now scalable.. they haven't added the commands to auto resize dialogs. (that i know of)
you are using large i guess.. and since i designed the dialog to fit the normal interface at almost full screen, i guess it would spill over.

the real pain is that i use very small interface settings.. (icons are WAY too big in normal interface settings ( imho))..
using the very small interface makes the dialog nice and compact...

but 2 things..

1. you can change your GUI interface setting to normal or smaller... or
2. the dialog is movable.. just lft-mouse click and drag the background around the screen.

as per the map being blank... hmmm.. can you take a screen shot post a link to it here.. i have a few people testing this before releases are made.. but that is one i have not heard of yet.

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