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#56187 Posted at 2009-06-21 14:26        
Hi loki , thanks for the reply its ok now that i know i can drag it. as for the map, for some reason i just tryed it to make a screenshot and it worked fine. last night when i had problems my screen looked as if it were teared down the side so i must of had a bug or something along them lines, so thanks for the reply and its a great tool i love the ghost mode so funny !

Update: ive found out what causes the map to goto a black screen, when i open the lost key dialog and press morsa gear and pick a different weapon then click take and close on the lost key dialog , then press m for map theres just a black screen , it still gives me the options dialog like , map , tasks etc but its just black ?

Also when i goto morsa gear it gives me this error : no entry 'bin\config.bin/rscMorsAgDialog/controls/available_slots.ScrollBar'.

Thanks !

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