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No but you can Press the "B" Button,then a Mark will apear on the Map,that keeps there for Mission.So when you see something that looks interesting press the B button,then you can visit it later.
The American UAV is a huge plane,not compareable with the UAVs they use in other Countries,for example,in the German Army we use a little "Model-Scale-Plane like thing,called "Drohne",they russians have such a little Version too (in Game too)

Hint: Save before you use the UAV,when you fly over enemy Air Defense it will shot down the UAV,and you only have 1.

The Default Altitude of UAV is 400 Meters,thats much too low,the original Predator can fly 6000 Meters Altitude.I think you must fly High Altitude too,otherwise the UAV will get shot down Quickyly over an enemys Position