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#56413 Posted at 2009-06-24 11:08        
Checking back 3 pages I see you ( Tomahawk ) were bitching about the AI back then. I gave you an answer back then too.

The AI has never behaved that way for me, so the question is now not whether the AI is "working right" but whether you've even plotted your mission waypoints and unit status settings correctly. I say this because I looked at the ACE code and there is nothing related to what you describe in there.

Complaining that "this is too much work" doesn't wash. I see you are just 14, but if you want to work on something then commit to rolling up your sleeves instead of expecting everyone else to spoon-feed you. Learn to properly write scripts to create your troops, their load-outs, and if you feel like it - the micromanagement of their behavior. I created an entire airbase on Rahmadi earlier this week with well over 80 special objects ( custom actions, respawns, non-destructable towers, items not available via the ArmA mission editor, etc. ) and it was not that hard.

Concider your grenade and AI issue *closed*.

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