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#56768 Posted at 2009-06-27 09:31        
horrgakx : Me too, I'm still confused by the UAV. I can no longer find the UAV trailer in the main bases.
Question; if the enemy has UAV's also, if you hide in trees or whatever will you be hidden from it? Can you hide?

Anyway, surely with UAV support you could call it in over the radio for an overhead pass with positions reported to you?

Do you mean in self made Missions or in the Campaign??

You need to walk close to the UAV-Terminal,then an option "UAV" should be in your action menu.
As far as i know you cant call the UAV for an overflight over your position.But it would be possible with a self written script to do this.There is a russian UAV (like Model Plane,not compareable to Predator),but i cant remember a mission where the AI uses the UAV.