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#57092 Posted at 2009-06-30 09:32        
I think converting stuff from ArmaI isnt so difficult.I think you only need to open the Config File and make some changes there.

Yesterday i added the Littlebird from Cyborg11 but i wanted a NAPA Version,so i downloaded the NAPA Skin from JezhusScream
but i wont work.So i opened the Config and manualy set the Textures to the NAPA Version,now it Works.

Get a PBO Tool (like PBO View),extract the PBO from the Vehicles (should be in Addon Folder,for example the Su34 is in Air3.pbo)
and check the Config Files.Make a new working Pilot and use the new Factions,for example USMC_Soldier_Pilot with faction USMC instead of Racs or so.