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#57376 Posted at 2009-07-02 16:57        
Hey, i need some serious help. I have tried option 2, and it doesnt work, (option 3 doesnt work either.) I will give you details of what im doing.

1. I created a folder for the addons, named @Mods, located in the ArmA program file. Inside i put the Addons folder.

2. I downloaded extended eventhandlers of course, because almost all mods need it.

3. I downloaded one helicopter mod, known as the Sa330 Puma Pack. I used WINZIP to get the bisign and pbo files from it into that addons folder, i now have eventhandlers plus that one helicopter mod inside that folder.

4. I went to the shorcut and changed the target to the CORRECT option. (-mod=@Mods)

5. I launched the game, went to editor, chose Sahrani, and my helicopter mod was not there. I have done this method many times before with other mods but the mods would do the same thing, they wouldnt show up in the game.

6. I tried Option 3, i followed the tutorial exactly, launched it in singleplayer, looked in the editor once again on Sahrani, and, my mods were NOT there.

7. I really want to know what the problem is, please help me out.