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#60440 Posted at 2009-08-05 17:20        
Version 1.1 is released. Enjoy!



-Added a script that will cause Father Gulash to take different escape routes at beginning of mission, randomly.

-Changed the chopper to the new NAPA reskin by JehZus.

-Added a more specific Briefing/Intel report at beginning of mission. I also added some OOC (Out of Character)
notes from me, to help anyone having trouble with the mission.

-Changed the Scenario title so it correlates better with the name of the PBO/Zip.

-Added some traffic to the roads so that the first car you see moving is not so obviously Father Gulash's.

-Added a few more units to the Chernagorsk battle.

-Added "No-Fly zones" to simulate UN/NATO guarded International Waters. If you fly out there and get shot down by USMC fighter jets, don't say I didn't warn you :D

-Made the ChDKZ base look more like a *BASE*