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#60884 Posted at 2009-08-10 13:24        
horrgakx : I completed the mission last night, really enjoyed it. I had actually started something very similar myself (a General drives to an airport and you have to stop hime) but not knowing anything about mission editing the guy followed a non-random route and you had the Apache chopper. A bit dull.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's still a shame about the Hydra reticle being a problem with TrackIR.

But this one was excellent - can you tell me what the 2nd mission is? Same with different textures?

Correct. I made it ([sic] the "RACS" version) for folks who didn't want to be bothered with installing a reskin of the AH-6, or who were using an older version of the Littlebird MOD. Just tryin to be accommodating :)

As I said, my next mission will be an ADDON free "version" of this mission. It will utilize a chase with the player driving either a UAZ or a motorcycle. I haven't decided which. The motorcycle is slower than the UAZ (The motorcycles in ARMA2 are seriously, waaaaay too slow) so it would be much more difficult to catch the target while driving a motorcycle. But keep an eye out for that next week, as I am going on vacation this week.

Thanks again for the feedback

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