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#61318 Posted at 2009-08-13 08:37        
> Accelarate time and wait till its day?

The only issue I have with that is the AI might loose the battle for me. They're pretty inept and just leaving it ticking might be detremental.

> Did you check all available crates? No enemy you killed who wears it?

In the HQ base there don't seem to be ANY crates. I think the only way I can rearm is to choose the "Buy Weapons" option when near the HQ and it brings up the available items. NVG isn't one of the available options.
And I've not checked every enemy I have killed :(

> Dont you start with nvg?

No, I definitely haven't dropped anything.

> Dont buy complete kits when purchasing weapons since that removes nvg, buy one weapon at a time and buy the mags.

I'm not sure of any difference between buying a kit or individual items. As I mentioned above, when near the HQ I can select "Buy weapons" and my pistols, machine guns, rocket launchers, ammo etc. are listed BUT night vision goggles isn't an available stock.

This is narking me mucho. I'm prepared for desperate measures - even to type in a cheat code to get them (shock/horror!!). But just call it getting the supply base a few miles away on the horn and getting the mail to deliver them :) I'm even prepared to use the ENDMISSION on this one, its just SO bad.

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