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#61409 Posted at 2009-08-13 17:41        
posts like the your doesn't help the game to be better... making in evidence the bugs of arma is useful,
people saying" oh is great, dont change nothing" it doesn't give to bis the right input to improve the game.
im a vet. of arma 1, i usually play arma 2 ( trust me yuo can't fkin imagine how many hours i've played this game);
im not here to ruin the image of BIS. but plz stop arguing against the critics like a little funboy.

sorry i didn't choice the post reply option; i was responding to winchesterdelta1 post in page 1..

p.s. i don't think you have realized how many players will leave arma 2 for ofp 2 (im in contact wil a lot of clans..) because they are bored of the BIS politic, this little software house is wasting an immense potential.

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